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Text Tracker will monitor incoming and outgoing text messages and phone calls on any Android Device. It will forward a copy of all messages to your Google email account without the phone user ever knowing. It takes just a couple of minutes to set up. Once installed, the app is stealth. You don't ever need to access the phone again unless you need to uninstall or reinstall it.  If no connection is available when Text Tracker sends the message, it will "queue" the message and send it when a connection is available.


Text Tracker is installed on 5000+ devices !!

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Should I buy it here, or from the Google Play?
(called Text Monitor on Google Play)


Buy it here?

Buy from Market?




Will it show as "installed" or "downloaded" on a device?



Will it show up in the Android Market as "installed" or "purchased"?



Do the words "Text Tracker" show anywhere on the device?



How do i install it?

Extra steps needed.


The Market installs it for you

Are updates FREE ?

Yes, If you purchased Text Tracker prior to 10/30/2011, email us with your original purchase confirmation number and we will send you an update.

No. To keep it hidden from the market, we never update this app

Can I try it on my device first?

Yes. You have a copy of the app. You can install in as many times as you want.

Yes. 48 hour free trial.

Free support?



Refund Policy

This is a digital download, so we do not offer refunds.

Full refund if uninstalled within 15 minutes

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